October 19, 2016

#BiggBoss10 : Day 3 Synopsis

There seems to be no end to day 2 for the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house! The Maliks seems to be going great in the game and giving sleepless nights to the Sevaks. In the wee hours of the night, the commoners do a secret meeting in the washroom area and decide to trouble the celebrities. After much planning and plotting, Priyanka instructs Swamiji to ring the ‘Hukm Ki Ghanti’ after the Sevaks are fast asleep and demand for food. Swamiji relents to Priyanks’s idea. 

October 18, 2016

My love for fashion happened because of movies : Sonam Kapoor

Ever since Sonam Kapoor has been a part of the industry, she’s been hailed as THE Fashion Queen of the industry! So while her love for fashion is quite obvious, the reason behind that love is not!

#BiggBoss10 Synopsis Day 2 : The 1st task of the season ‘Raaz’ brings insecurities..

On day two, the contestants wake up dancing to the tunes of the song ‘Gupt Gupt’ unaware of what is in store for them. The day starts with fight over tasteless food as Manoj questions the culinary skills of the celebrities.

He comes whining to Karan and tells him that the food is ‘Vaahiyat’ and he would like to assist them in the kitchen going forward. Lopamudra jumps in the conversation and they soon have an argument.

Priyanka Jagga, being at her cunning best, continues to reprimand the sevaks and forces them to follow her orders. Bani asks her to show some ‘courtesy’ and use the word ‘Please’ while ordering around. Priyanka, however, takes offense to this.

Commoner Navin manages to irk Swamiji with his actions after which Swamiji claims that his health is deteriorating because of Navin’s torture. On the other hand, Gaurav and Akansha are seen bonding as he helps her with a manicure. Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduces the task ‘Raaz’ wherein the celebrities have to solve a riddle and find out that one big secret of the commoners. If they successfully decode all the secrets, they will become the maliks of the house while the Indiawale will become their sevaks. As soon as the task is introduced, fights and insecurities come to the fore while the gang of celebrities continue to strategize.

Swamiji, surprisingly, finds it difficult to deal with the precarious scenario and as a result, emerges as a troublemaker inside the house. From threatening Lopamudra to questioning Akansha’s intention towards Gaurav, he starts hurling harsh comments at every contestant. Later in the night, right before when the celebrities decide to retire for the night, Swamiji wakes them up and asks them to make food for him. Shocked by his behavior, Monalisa gets into an argument with him. Exhausted and tired, the celebrities’ first crib about following his orders but ultimately decide to give in.

Will celebrities finally get a chance to be the maliks, will they successfully beat Indiawale in the first task of the season?

Karan Sharma to tie the knot on 16th November..

TV actor Karan Sharma secretly got engaged to singer-turned-actress Tiaara Kar in February last year. The duo are all set to take their relationship to the next level by tying the knot on 16th November.

#BiggBoss10 Karan Mehra’s wife Nisha Rawal clears the air about their son..

There have been many speculations doing the rounds about Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal having a one-year-old son. And the question again cropped up after Karan recently entered the reality show Bigg Boss. Putting all speculations to rest, Nisha Rawal has stated that they do not have a son.

In Beyhadh you will see two completely different shades of love: Imran Khan

Imran Khan, who was last seen in 'Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali' made a comeback on small screen after almost one and a half year with Cinevistaas recently launched show 'Beyhadh' on Sony Entertaintment. He is playing a protective and loving father of Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) in the show.
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